“Thanks! I would have to say that you have provided the best support that I have ever seen. I really appreciate it.”

Fortune 500 Customer

Dan is an innovative engineer with an eye for detail who has spent more than 30 years designing and developing solutions for precision automated systems. I personally worked with Dan on numerous projects regarding the design of systems for the automated manufacture of optoelectronic components. Dan was engaged throughout the entire product development process from concept design through production and he has the capacity to not only design the components, but apply this knowledge to the design of automated motion control systems for their manufacturing. Dan is a pleasure to work with as he brings a professional and pragmatic approach to addressing design challenges and meeting deadlines with practical solutions.

Aaron H.

Dan was a valuable member our team for many years. His expertise with and insight to automation was one of many key aspects to our successful production implementation and ramp of many complex electro-optic communication products. His dedication and knowledge of motion systems is apparent in everything he does.

Dan never lost the focus that the customer (both internal and external) was always the priority. He has very good communication skills and presents well in front of customers.

Tim M.

“Thank you for the information and the great service!”

Bill S.