Speciality Products

Open Center Stages | XY & R Stages with Clear Aperture

KOHZU offers a series of manual and motorized integrated XY and rotary (R) stages with clear aperture/openings through the stage, commonly used in microscope and optical applications.

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High Payload XZ (horizontal, vertical)

KOHZU’s high payload XZ stage easily handles high payloads while maintaining high precision positioning. These stages are commonly used in synchrotrons for positioning heavy equipment and detectors in synchrotron beamline applications.

The Blur | 2 Axis & 3 Axis Vibration Simulator

TSS series blur simulator duplicates human hands blur or natural/artificial vibration for development of image stabilization function for high definition and high magnification cameras such as single-lens reflex cameras, mirror-less system cameras, cam-coders, mobile terminals and CCTV cameras. This function will be essential for HD cameras and telephoto lens, especially free curve vibration simulation is necessary for high-end cameras.

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Download the Blur Simulator PDF