PF80 Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions.  If you have additional questions, give us a call or send us an email from our Contact page.

What is the PF80 a.k.a.?

  • Bridge Crack Monitor
  • Bridge Crack Monitoring Device
  • Building Crack Monitor
  • Building Crack Monitoring Device
  • Concrete Crack Monitor
  • Concrete Crack Monitoring Device
  • Crack Monitor
  • Crack Monitoring Device
  • Displacement Monitor
  • Displacement Monitoring Device
  • Foundation Crack Monitor
  • Foundation Crack Monitoring Device
  • Structure Crack Monitor
  • Structural Crack Monitoring Device
  • Structural Health Monitor
  • Structural Health Monitoring Sensor
  • Structural Health Sensor

What is a Data Logger?

A data logger(also datalogger or data recorder) is an electronic device that records data over time with a built-in instrument, sensor or via external instruments and sensors.

Mounting Recommendations?

The customer is solely responsible for the rigid the mounting of the PF80 Crack Monitoring Device. Automation Continuum, Inc. along with all sales channels cannot accept liability for mounting.

Date & Time Stamp is Wrong

Most likely the battery was removed and reinstalled. Connect the PF80 Crack Monitor to your PC and program/upload your data acquisition parameters again.

What Needs to be Considered When Mounting Outside?

When the PF80 Crack Monitoring Device is mounted outside, avoid mounting with cable pointed up as that is the only moisture access point. Protect the cable opening from the elements. Shielding from direct sunlight or wind can improve ambient temperature readings. See “Environmental Enclosure”

Should I consider an Environmental Enclosure?

An enclosure is sometimes warranted to keep nature away from the device be it but not limited to rain, sleet, snow, etc., small animals and birds, road grime, etc. Metal boxes may block WIRELESS communication with the PF80 Crack Monitor. It is highly recommended that ALL enclosures be tested PRIOR to final mounting. It is the customer’s responsibility to assure the enclosure will not block communication with the device.

Do you Offer Data Collection and/or Data Analysis?

Automation Continuum, Inc. nor Daniel F Crews, LLC does not provide data analysis services of the Crack Monitoring Device. Customer is solely responsible for the interpretation of the data.

Are Units Available for Rent or Lease?

Automation Continuum, Inc. does not offer rental or leased PF80 Crack Monitors. Units are for sale only.