KOHZU Products

KOHZU Precision Co., Ltd, located in Kanagawa, Japan was established in 1945 thus has over 70 years of innovation & expertise as a manufacturer of cost effective, production quality industry-leading precision atmospheric and vacuum compatible manual & motorized positioning stages along with specialized and custom equipment offering real value to our volume OEM, synchrotron, government lab and university customers.
KOHZU Precision Co., Ltd, your home for precision, reliable, high-quality, cost effective, linear stages, rotary axes, vertical lift stages (zed axis), stacked XY, swivel or goniometer stages (tip/tilt) with manual micrometers or stepper motor drives.

Exclusively distributed in North America by Daniel F Crews, LLC.

Expanded sales territories in Central and South America.

X & XY Stages

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Rotary Stages

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Z / Lift Stages

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Swivel Stages

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Vacuum Stages

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System Products

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3-Axis & 6-Axis Products

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Specialty Products

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