KOHZU Definitions


A synchrotron is a powerful (cyclic) particle accelerator that enables the ability to focus and shape the beam for micron and nanoscale scientific applications such as protein crystallography, microfabrication, drug discovery, x-ray lithography, chemical analysis, structural analysis, medical imaging and more.

Computer Tomography

Radiography in which a three-dimensional image of a structure is constructed from a series of planer cross-sectional images made along an axis. Also referred to as computed axial tomography, computerized axial tomography, computerized tomography.


A picture produced on a sensitive surface by a form of radiation other than visible light; specifically, an X-ray or gamma ray photograph


  • Linear Stage or Linear Axis
  • Translation Stage or Translation Axis
  • Precision Stage or Precision Axis


XYKohzu x xy stages 1

  • Stacked Stages or Stacked Axes
  • Integrated Stages or Integrated Axes

Rotary StageKohzu rotation stages

  • R Stage or R Axis
  • Theta Stage or Theta Axis
  • Rotation Stage or Rotation Axis
  • Goniometer, Goniometer Stage or Goniometer Axis


  • Vertical Stage or Vertical Axis
  • Z Stage or Z Axis
  • Zed Stage or Zed Axis
  • Lift Stage or Lift Axis
  • Elevator Stage or Elevator Axis

Kohzu swivel stagesGoniometer

  • Swivel Stage or Swivel Axis
  • Tip Stage or Tip Axis
  • Tip/Tilt Stage or Tip/Tilt Axis
  • Partial Arc Stage or Partial Arc Axis

Multi-Axis Assembly

  • XY Stack or XY Assembly
  • XYZ Stack or XYZ Assembly
  • XYZR