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January 12, 2018
Precision Vacuum Stages
March 27, 2018

KOHZU offers a variety of multi-axis solutions with their 3-axis & 6-axis solutions ideal for precision alignment and metrology applications.

3-Axis Stages: KOHZU’s YRA or XYƟ series offers a family of ball screw driven stages with 10mm XY travel and 10-degree rotational travel in table sizes of 70mm x 70mm, 130mm x 130mm and 210mm x 150mm. These stages have excellent repeatability, straightness and flatness making them an excellent choice for precision motion applications. (( add link: https://dfcrews.com/3-axis-6-axis-products/ ))

6-Axis Stages: KOHZU offers a variety of compact 6 degree of freedom (DOF) stages. The SMR, USM and MPS series are perfect solutions for optical alignment, fiber alignment, precision assembly, synchrotron beam alignment, camera assembly and more. We have the ability to change stages thus allowing increased flexibility in creating a solution ideal for your application. As these predefined assemblies are created from KOHZU’s standard precision motion stages, it is also possible for the user to create a unique configuration ideal for their application. (( add link: https://dfcrews.com/3-axis-6-axis-products/ ))


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